Say it out loud and it’s what our three boys used to call Gregg Russell.  Way back when they were too young to have fully formed their R’s. 

All the way from Ohio to Hilton Head, every year, all we’d hear was: “When are we going to see Gwegwussell?”  Over and over and over again.  ‘Til we’d finally give up and drug them just to get a little peace and quiet.

Once we got here, of course, we went to see Gwegwussell.  Doesn’t everyone?  And since we were from Ohio we knew that if one of ours was chosen to be on stage with Gwegwussel, he would eventually ask them: “What color is your van?”

Forty-four years, he’s been doing this.  Sitting under the Oak Tree in Harbour Town every evening, all summer long, singing, laughing, making children and adults happy and glad to be on this Island.

He’s charmed four generations of our family.  I’m not sure I can say that about anybody else on this earth. 

I would like to use this little space to thank his family for loaning him to so many of us over the years.  There had to be nights when his own kids, his wife, friends and family, just wanted him for themselves.  But that was not to be.  He had, and still has, another place to go, songs to sing, stories to tell, families to laugh with and enjoy. He is, after all, Gweggwussel. 

If any of you, from far away, would like to see him in action, just click here.