Why? I Ask.

This is a picture of a catalytic converter:

This is a headline in our little paper earlier this week:

Why? I’d like to ask the robbers.  Why do you want more than one catalytic converter?  Even if you really want more than one, why go to the trouble and risk of stealing it/them? And then just keep on doing it? Over and over? Again and again?

Why do all that for something that hangs under your car along with all the other nasty bits?  And is, by its very nature, yucky, dirty and oily?   Why?  For heaven’s sake, I ask. Why?

Lacking a response from you, the perps, I went to my source to try to understand. I asked the Mister just exactly what a catalytic converter is and what it does.  It’s a “thingie” he said, that reduces the amount of harmful pollutants and noxious toxins that would otherwise go into the air we breathe.

Aha, I said to myself. Now I get it and I too, just like the perps, would like a few good catalytic converters.  I can think of many places where they’d be ever-so-helpful and timely right about now. And not so much as one of those places is under my car.