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Santa Claus and The American Flag

Our flag and Santa Claus are, unquestionably, two of our most important and unique national symbols.  We have one of each in this house.  Our Santa Claus is really old.  My parents gave him to me for my first Christmas!   Go ahead. Do the math. Our flag is only about 14 years old.   A friend’s […]

Misplaced (Reposted)

This morning’s blog, re-posted for those of you who may have missed it due to technical difficulties on our site. Please pardon the inconvenience! It’s a much kinder, softer word than “lost.”  “Misplaced” suggests that our missing items might well be found.  “Lost” implies that they’ve taken a hike and are apt never to be […]


It’s a much kinder, softer word than “lost.”  “Misplaced” suggests that our missing items might well be found.  “Lost” implies that they’ve taken a hike and are apt never to be seen again. We all misplace stuff.   It’s usually just the little stuff that hides in places we’ve been but forgot we were ever there. […]

I Miss My Subway.

No, not that Subway.  Publix does a nice sandwich, thank you.  It’s the underground I miss.  The tube.  The rapid transit.  The metro.  I like them all but I really miss the T, the Boston subway. I commuted on the Boston subway for a few years.  I loved the system, its noises, the shock of […]

To Tattoo or Not To Tattoo?

That may not be THE most important question nagging at me right now but I’m certainly mulling it over. I’m pretty sure most tattoos have personal meaning and value for the inked ones. They typically reflect an important event, an occasion, a loved one.  Otherwise, well, why do all that?  It’s gotta hurt.  Even the little […]


Say it out loud and it’s what our three boys used to call Gregg Russell.  Way back when they were too young to have fully formed their R’s.  All the way from Ohio to Hilton Head, every year, all we’d hear was: “When are we going to see Gwegwussell?”  Over and over and over again.  […]

Good News!

      This article from The Island Packet from June 2, 2021 sites a woman, 35 years of age, who, after much research and study, finally determined that it was OK for her to get The Shot.  She studied reports, listened to all sides of the issue, peered into published journals and more. The newspaper credits her […]

Remembering. Again and Again.

It should never have happened at Columbine. But it did. It happened on April 20, 1999.  12 students and one teacher.  Shot and killed.   And it happened again at Virginia Tech.  On April 13, 2007.  32 Students and faculty. Shot and killed. And yet again at Sandy Hook.   On December 14, 2012.  20 elementary school […]

Aging: Up and Out.

The aging-up thing was fun.  Bit by bit, we aged-up into lipstick, bras, two-piece bathing suits, dating, drive-in theaters, driver’s licenses.  Then we aged-up even more into marriage, children, work and responsibilities. Aging-out is a whole different ball of wax.  I, personally, have aged-out of thongs, skinny-dipping and stilettos.  But it never crossed my mind […]

Mother’s Day

Yes, I know.  Mother’s Day was last Sunday.  And I hope everyone had a lovely one. Mother’s Day has never been my favorite day.  There are reasons for that which are no longer relevant but some things never change and it’s still not my favorite day. For some reason, this year I started looking around […]

Little Lending Libraries

There was one just down the street from us in Bluffton.  It was the first one I’d ever seen. It was right on the main drag so visitors and residents alike could take or leave a book.  Now, to my happy surprise, I find that we have one here in our little community.  It wasn’t […]

Driver’s Education. Redux.

It’s that all-important first step to freedom. The path to all things fun and un-chaperoned. It’s a requirement for the ticket to ride in the driver’s seat. And it’s usually forgotten once the license is in hand, but there are exceptions, of course. Back in our little town, when oh-so-many years ago our group became of-driving-age, […]

High Maintenance

Oh, bother and fuss.  It’s a never ending struggle. There’s always something that needs doing.  I know this to be true because my mirror tells me so.  It persists in reminding me that there is work, much work, to be done. It constantly informs me that:             My teeth need whitening, my hair needs coloring. […]

“Above The Fold”

(Please click on pic for full image) It’s that rarefied space on the first page of any newspaper.  It’s always the BIG news of the day.   It’s what you need to know right this very second and in print so big you couldn’t possibly miss it..    It’s also, almost always, about loss.  People and […]

Susan Sontag

What a force she was.  Google her and you’ll find quotes on more topics than you’ll ever have time to read.   One of her many noted observations appeared in the New York Times Magazine a week or so ago. She said, and I quote: “Cameras go with family life. Not to take pictures of one’s children, […]