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Who Ya’  Rootin’ For?

That’s always the pre-game question.  But it’s moot for me.  No matter the event, the team, the individual, I always root for the underdog.  It’s an automatic kind of thing. You name it, I’m all about the underdog. This attitude is born of my forever being the last to be chosen for anything athletic.  The […]

Who Were They?

Who were those icons of food?  Who were the real people behind the products we’ve known for so long?   The ones who’ve been on our grocery lists and in our pantries for so many years? Just exactly who were Uncle Ben, Aunt Jemima and Mrs. Butterworth?  And why do we care at this point? Uncle […]

It’s One Thing To Be Different…

Quite another to be Covid-Different. For a while there, we were in the mainstream of Covid-behavior and decorum.   Like most, we stayed home, we masked, we shopped at off-hours, we vaccinated and Amazonned the heck out of everything else.  We were all in it together.  Things got better and then they didn’t. Now there’s now.  […]

Can You Do This?

That’s the question the thoughtful and dedicated therapists ask when I take The Foot to physical therapy.  Sometimes The Foot can do what they want it to do.  Other times, not so much. The newest trick these people want The Foot to do is pick up a pencil from the floor by curling its toes […]

Children Will Be Children…

No matter how old they are.  They color outside the lines.  They walk when the sign says stop.  They eat dessert first.  They sneak cookies in the dark. Let’s just say that The Mister still has a fair amount of child in him.  That’s usually a good thing but there are those times…..  To wit:  […]

We Grinched This Morning

Yes, we did.  We grinched very early this morning.  The Mister and I were like children on Christmas day.   We could hardly wait to get up and get at it.  But rather than wanting to see what Santa brought, we had destruction on our minds.  It was time for it all to go bye-bye.  Back […]

The Christmas Spirit

(Yep, it’s the same old Christmas blog. Seven years ago, I wrote this little essay. I am deeply appreciative of each of you who have read it, re-read it, and may be reading it again. There simply aren’t enough ways for me to say thank you. The Mister and I wish you all the best […]

Who Knew?

Who knew that good old fraternity names like Delta, Lambda, Omicron and Beta would become scary disease variants? Who knew we’d find out, the hard way, that quarantines aren’t just for kids with measles anymore and lockdowns aren’t limited to unruly prisoners? Who knew we’d ever know how to pronounce, let alone spell, Hydroxychloroquine? Who […]


A string walks into a bar.  Climbs up on a stool and asks for a beer.  Bartender says: “Hey, are you a string?”   String says: “Yes, I’m afraid so.”  Bartender says:  “Sorry, we don’t serve strings here.” Soooooo, string gets up, walks out and goes to another bar.  Alas.  Same response as the first.  No […]


                           Ours was a quiet Thanksgiving this year.  Families were spread out in other states.  As a result, we had a little extra time on our hands but our many shelves of books are always there to keep us company.  Over the long weekend, we found that we have not one, not two, but three […]

Giving Thanks

There’s much to be thankful for right now.  There’s also much to be thoughtful about.  Some days it’s hard to separate the two. Once again, our son and his real estate group had a wildly successful food drive in our community.  And, once again, we are thankful for such a generous response. At the same […]

Oh Dear, Oh Dear. What To Do?

There are weeks when I think there’s nothing to write about and It looked like this was going to be one of them.  The politicians are idle, the news is tedious, and my family has been on its best behavior.   Nothing sparky in any of that. But good things come to those who wait and Monday […]

On Devilled Eggs

I do quite love a good devilled egg.  I like to think I make a pretty fine devilled egg myself.  I have a secret ingredient that adds a little kick to the regular mix of mayo and mustard.  Of course, I sprinkle them with a little paprika or add a caper or two.  I even […]

Once Was Quite Enough, Thank You Very Much

The emotional scars are still there.  I don’t need any further reminders of my first, and only, Lassie movie.  Don’t know how old I was when I saw it.  Don’t care.  Remember leaving in hysterics.  Don’t think I’m alone in that. As a result, I don’t read books about dogs, cats, rabbits, etc.  I always fall […]